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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When you buy, shop with us or create an account, you agree that we save your personal information, such as name, contact details and IP address.
We store your information as long as it is necessary to fulfill our commitments to you as a consumer.

Products and Warranties

Products is used with responsibility.
Machinery and equipment have European outlets and can be used in Europe. All promotions are ongoing untill the goods are sold out, or the time is over. Is the product already paid so we will give your money back. Within 14 days, you can cancel the purchase if we deviate from our commitment in the purchase agreement.

Replacement, return and complaint.

You always have 14 calendar days to exchange your item for another. You may also cancel your purchase and cancel the invoice, or get your money back. 
This must be done within 14 days from the day the order is received, and the products must be completely unopened and unused. You have the right to open mail package and make sure you got the right product. Has the product been opened or used the product will be returned to you if you return.

Change, and Return of underwear.

Requirements for goods condition at return or exchange

We have requirements for product return or replacement. The requirements aim to ensure at least the same security that you, the customer receives a product to be like when you are shopping in a physical store .

To return or exchange must be approved the following requirements for a product state :

  • The item must be in its entirety as it was sent to you . All the constituent parts must be included , including packaging and any accessories eg hangers .
  • The item must not have been used and must be free from dirt, dander , dust , make-up , hair, perfume or other foreign odors .
  • Product Labels, seals and labels must remain on the article. Software package may not be significantly damaged .

Goods excluded from the right to return and exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges of discounted items .

Certain items are excluded from the right of return and exchanges when they are classified as intimate products. These products are:

  • Panties and underwear all variants
  • Set where panties or underpants is one of the main parts of the four pieces or is an integral part  bra and panties , top and panty teddy 
  • Swimwear
  • Socks and tights including leggings, stay-ups and the like
  • body Stockings
  • wigs
  • gloves

Adhesive products used directly on the body eg, adhesive bra, breast tape , false eyelashes.
Corsets, bustier , costumes and the like which includes panties panty usually fastened with nylon thread . These goods are not excluded from the right of return or exchanges on condition that the panty stay in place and is unused.

Discounted merchandise is exluderade from Exchange Policy .

Step 1. Complete our Return Application Note this must be done before you return! The purpose and returnr is to facilitate the identification and admin of your return.

Step 2. Returns must be made in original packaging and in undamaged condition. Remember to contact us by email before returning the item.

For return and exchange, fees are not refunded, such as shipping, invoice or postage fee. You also stand for all your own shipping charges, when you return to us. 

Note when returning the item and order value goes under free shipping, shipping cost will be charged to the customer. 

Want to complain about a product, 
click here.
 Leave the name, order number, what may be the case in detail what you want to return. You must always contact us before you send the item back.

In the event of Disputes, our policy is to follow general Complaints Board's recommendations.

VAT is always included with 25% in our products.

The company possesses an F-tax certificate.

Note that if you are under 18 years must be given approval, or let someone over 18 years to make the order. We assume no responsibility for someone under 18 to order without parental permission. or in someone else's name,

We disclaim any responsibility for how the products are used and handled after packaging is broken. When a customer ordered a product from us, it is at their own discretion as köpesvilkoren read and approved. Whether your order is by phone, email or via the Internet. The ordering has sole responsibility for the product when it is opened and used. At the complaint must ENTIRE product is returned for analysis.

How do I order?

You order through our shop, by adding the products you want in the shopping cart, then go to the checkout, fill in your details, select shipping and payment methods, then send your order!
Delivery is made through our partner DB Schenker and goods sent in protected mail bag or box depending on the weight and volume. 
 The goods are sent to the nearest agent.

Unclaimed goods

Note that if you do not pick up a shipment, it does not count as if you have announced that you have regretted your purchase and will be charged for uncollected goods.
We charge 450 
kr for items not picked up, in order to cover shipping and handling costs.
The fee is deducted from your payment via the selected payment method.
If your order is lower than 450sek, no refund will be made, but an invoice will be sent to you for the remaining amount.

Incorrect address 
In case of incorrect delivery address, the buyer pays the cost for shipping.

More information about GDPR can be found under Privacy Policy

We reserve the right for price changes, pictures, video and print errors.