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Sizing Chart

Size table for underwear

Here you can calculate what size of underwear to choose.

Take out the tape measure

Mätning av storlekar för underkläderMeasure yourself with a tape measure as shown at right. Make sure you are reading in centimeters (not inches). Then use your measurements in the tables below.

A - Bust width
Measure the body over the breasts where the breasts are the greatest. If you use BH normally so measure with a bra on..

B - Measure under the bust
Measure around your body below the bust. Measure as firm as possible.

C - Waistline
Measure around the waist.

D -  Hips measurement
Measure around the hip where it is as widest.


Using the dimensions above, you can now find your lingerie size. If falls between two sizes, always choose the larger size.

 Measure (in cm) Bra sizes Corresponding sizes*
Size:Bust widthUnder the bustWaistlineHips  Width SizeCup SwedishEUUSA
S81-8668-7258-6486-91 70A-B 34/363432
M86-9473-7764-7191-99 75B 38/403634
L94-10278-8271-7899-104 80B-C 40/423836
XL102-10783-8778-86104-111 85C 42/444038
1XL105-11283-8785-92110-117 85C-D 46/4842-44X38/40
2XL112-12088-9292-100117  125 90D 50/524640
3XL120-12793-97100-107125-132 95D-DD 54/564842
4XL127-13598-102107-115132-140 100E 54/56-58/605044
5XL135-142103-107115-122140-147 105E-F 58/60-62/645246
6XL142-150108-112122-130147-155 110F 62/64-66/685448
7XL150-157113-117130-137155-162 115F-G 66/68-70/725650
One Size81-10268-8258-7886-104 68-82A-C 34/36-40/4234-3832-36
Plus size102-11283-8778-92104-117 83-87C-D 42/44-46/4840-4438-40

*Corresponding is approximate. Start from the dimensions you measured yourself.

Bra Sizes

Size of the bra consists of a number indicating the width (measuring point B on the image) and a cup size. Eg, "85C" indicates the size "85" in width and cup size "C". Use Width Table and kuptabell below to calculate your bra size.

Width Table
Measure under the bust (B) and use the chart to determine your width size.

Width Size707580859095100105110115
Measurement under the bust (B) (cm)  68-72    73-77    78-82    83-87    88-92    93-97    98-102    103-107    108-112    113-117  

Measure your bust (A) and under the bust (B). The difference between these give you the cup size. Example: If your chest size (A) is 102cm and under the bust (B) is 85cm so will be your "A - B" 17cm. This would mean that you have the cup C.

A - B (cm)  13    15    17    19    22    25    28  

Size table for men

Size:Waist USA
S70-76 28-30
M81-86 32-34
L91-97 36-38
XL97-101 38-40

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